Is an open festival for everyone to celebrate cultural diversity.
Presents photography within coincidental relationships; strips it off the walls and liberates it from rules, definitions and commercial ambitions.
Is the voice of freedom with its loud participants, long-standing venues, striking contents and asymmetrical presentation.
Embraces photography as it is, rather than depending on concepts, movements and expertise.
Is the largest international photography festival of Turkey that transforms the oldest city of the world; which has long joined East and West; into a platform to unite all photography enthusiasts.
Welcomes both the classic and the modern, both the young and the master and all other disciplines of photography.

Goes outside! Outside the galleries; to reach everyone by transforming everyday streets, containers and deserted areas into places of connection through collective experience of art.
Treats photograph as a daily component of the streets and everyday venues; letting it to be assimilated into its surroundings.
Photographs of any language, of any color meet every eye that gazes at this city in the noise of diversity.
Uninvitedly, in an inviting way,
Meet us at the streets.
With photography,


Fotoistanbul is turning a new leaf by including the leading galleries of Istanbul in its third year of the festival. Our partnership with these galleries in the framework of photography month will continue for years to come. At this year's festival, C.A.M. Gallery will host "Synthetic" by Sinan Tuncay, while Fotografevi will present "Mirror of the City" exhibition by Edip Yurtsever. Rodolfo Choperena will be at Gama Gallery with his exhibition "50" and Art Galerim Bebek will display "Wet City" by Yusuf Murat Sen. "4tX4" by Melih Aydemir, Melis Canturk, Nazli Erdemirel, Can Mocan will meet art lovers at Gallery Mixer. Istanbul Photography Gallery, with the exhibition ''Limited'' by Stanko Abadzic, Haşim Aygün, Sevil Alkan, İlknur Can, Hakan Çınar, Dinçer Dökümcü, Emrullah Eyvallah, Onur Korkmaz, Mehves Leliç, Timurtaş Onan, Tamer Serbay, Imre Szabo, Erhan Şermet, Tuncer Tunç, Cem Turgay, Erdem Varol will be one of the few highlights of the festival.

Guest of Honour - Hungary

Starting from this year, Fotoİstanbul will invite and feature a country and its photography as the guest of honour. The guest of this year is Hungary. A country with an artistic and cultural society with deep roots, Hungary has brought very important artists into the world despite the country's small population. Its contribution to world photography consists of a master of revolutionary proportions, André Kertész, as well as important photographers such as Brassai, Robert Capa and László Moholy-Nagy. While the world was debating on documents, the documentary, conceptual art and photography, Kertesz had already succeeded in linking the documentary aspect of photography with conceptuality and thereby transcended his era. Robert Capa deserves similar praise. Inspired by such names, we designate Andre Kertesz as our point of departure and include young and contemporary Hungarian photographers, thereby attempting to extensively embrace Hungarian photography in this year's festival.

We would like to thanks Hungarian Centre of Culture and the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the contributions.

The wınner of the

Robert Capa Grand Prıze

Hungary ıs ın Istanbul.


Fotoistanbul an organization maintaining strong partnerships with photography events and institutions worldwide has a strong motive to bring notable works of art to Istanbul. Therefore Fotoistanbul will be hosting the winner of the first ever winner of the Robert Capa Grand Prize with a special exhibition of the artist’s winning series.

Robert Capa, considered to be one of the most renowned war photographer also gained recognition by being one of the founders of world renowned photo agency Magnum Photos. On the occasion of his 102nd birthday, Arion Gábor KUDÁSZ, the first winner of the Robert Capa Grand Prize was presented the $15,000 award for his series titled Human. He will meet the photography enthusiasts at Fotoistanbul and his awarded pictures will be on show to celebrate Capa’s world-wide achievements and to support new talents of photography. Our cooperation with the Capa Center will long continue in future years to come.

The Grand Prıx Wınner of


Internatıonal Press

Photo Contest ıs ın Istanbul.


Fotoistanbul, with the motivation to create a collective platform for photography in Istanbul, continues to support international photography events and acts to help them meet more enthusiasts around the world. Our strong cooperation with Stenin Contest will keep improving as we will build this great platform to reach more enthusiasts every year.

Stenin Contest, organized in the memory of the photojournalist Andrei Stenin, who lost his life on duty, accepts applications on photographer’s birthday and aims to discover new talents in the field of photojournalism. It is Russia’s only platform purposely aimed at discovering new photojournalists and supporting and encouraging high standards of documentary photography in Russia and the around world. With more than 5000 applications from 54 different countries, the contest’s winner will be announced in September. As Fotoistanbul, we are proud to present that the winner’s work will be exhibited at Fotoistanbul throughout October. You can see the works of the finalists in the link below:




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