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Ruud Van Empel
Once upon a time… The forest
Statement: Ruud van Empel uses the medium of photography as an independent form of imagination. Every image consists of photo’s, taken by himself, that are digitally assembled on the computer. He works conceptual and has created a new genre within photography. In his series Untitled (2004) he explores the theme of innocence, the sequel series World (2005) he uses a black child for the first time as a symbol of innocence. These works were inspired by photos taken during his own childhood by his father. A typical feature of the work of Ruud van Empel is the composition of a perfected and idealized representation right down to the finest details. But this always has a darker side, albeit not always evident.
Ruud van Empel works and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Graduated Academy of Fine Arts Sint Joost Breda 1976-1981. ‘Artist Ruud van Empel (Breda, 1958) makes collages of self-made photos that he combines using Photoshop to create an idealized representation. In fact, with familiar elements he presents a world with which we are not acquainted. We have only the image that is dished up to us by Van Empel in the minutest detail. You could perhaps refer to this work as ‘illusionary’ but at the same time, his images have an unparalleled reality content. Nevertheless, you never encounter anything like this inreal life. These unheard and unseen features make them delusionary. This apparent conflict determines the quality of his work and its appreciation to a large extent. In Van Empel’s work, illusion is a paradox.’