Nevzat Cakir
Nevzat Çakır
Born in Muğla, Nevzat Çakır finished his degree at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry. He started photography in the X-Ray room he set out in his practice. His photographs won numerous awards in local and international contests. His Generations 5 (1980) and Generations 6 (1981) won ‘Ten Photographs of the Year’ award, while he also consecutively won the First Prize at 13th and 14th International Photography Contest in Romania in 1981 and 1983. In 1983, he was awarded with the title of ‘A-FAIP’ by FIAP International Photography Federation.

In 1984, Çakır co-founded the Fog Photography Group with five friends. He won the first prize Alarko's ‘Old Houses’ themed contest and also first prize at Cumhuriyet's Yunus Nadi Black & White Photography Contest in 1984. He participated in exhibition, titled Kazlıçeşme in 1986 and Walls in 1987 with Fog Photography Group, as well as winning the İş Bankası Grand Prize in photography branch in 1987. Some of the award-winning works were published in the album, titled ‘Accumulations’ in 1989. In 1993, he was awarded by Ifsak Istanbul Amateur Photography and Cinema Society with honorary membership.

He conducted the general coordination of the Photography periodical, published by And Publishing in 1995. He participated uninterruptedly for almost thirty years in Eczacıbaşı Photography Almanac, formerly known as Eczacıbaşı Planner, which was published since 1965 until the passing of Şakir Eczacıbaşı.

His novel ‘Cul-de-Sac of Patience’, the first of his ‘Aegean Trilogy’ was published by Gendaş Publishing in 2002. He co-founded Istanbul Centre of Photography in 2003 and contributed extensively in all its educational endeavours for more than three years.

With the advent of digital media, he conducted workshop in Fototrek Centre of Photography. He wrote the column, ‘Pursuing the Light’ in the Photo World periodical for three years. He maintained his contributions in Photo World Centre of Photography by also conducting workshops.

He penned theoretical articles on photography for Cumhuriyet, Milliyet Art, Gösteri and many other magazines and newspapers. At the invitation of various institutions, he sat at jury committees. He wrote critiques at the website FotoNo1 for over a year. In 2016, the sequel of his ‘Aegean Trilogy’, ‘Three Snow Goddesses’ was published by Eksik Parça Publishing House, while the next year, his first novel ‘Cul-de-Sac of Patience’ made its second edition.