Merih Akogul
Merih Akoğul
Merih Akoğul was born in İstanbul in 1963. He received his bachelor’s degree in photography from Mimar Sinan University (Faculty of Fine Arts) in 1985 and his master’s degree in the same discipline from Marmara University (Institute of Fine Arts) in 2001.

Merih Akoğul has published thirteen books on different subjects. He has held thirty photographic exhibitions and taken part in group shows in Turkey and other countries around the world. He has done research on the art and theory of photography and also taken part in seminars, symposia, and round tables, submitted papers, conducted panel discussions and served on juries dealing with such matters. He has worked professionally as both a photographer and writer in the advertising industry, as an instructor at a number of private sector concerns, and served as an artistic consultant for television and radio programs dealing with various aspects of culture and art.

His photographs and his writings on photographic theory, the plastic arts, and music have been published in newspapers and magazines. In the summer of 2003 Merih Akoğul did photography in Vienna under a grant from the Art Department of the Austrian Federal Chancellery. Works by Merih Akoğul have been acquired by a number of museums and private collections. For nearly twenty years he has been giving classes in photography in some of Turkey’s leading universities.

In 2011 and 2012 he served as artistic director and chief curator for the first and second rounds of Bursa Fotofest, Turkey’s biggest international photography festival. Merih Akoğul is a member of the advisory board of the photography department of museum of İstanbul Modern.