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Krista Wortendyke
Interventions examines historically significant images of sanctioned violence from around the world. By obscuring the violent spectacle of the image and re-drawing the gesture of what lays beneath, a different relationship other than originally intended between the image and its viewer is formed. What is then created makes the new image visible as it redefines what is seen in the old image. In doing so, the viewer is forced to imagine and/or intuit what is erased, compelling them to examine these images in new ways that elicit emotional and thought provoking responses.
Krista Wortendyke (b. 1979, Nyack, New York) is a Chicago-based conceptual artist. She received her MFA in Photography from Columbia College in 2007. Her ongoing work examines violence through the lens of photography. Her images are a result of a constant grappling with the mediation of war and brutality both locally and globally. Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Schneider Gallery and Weinberg/Newton Gallery in Chicago, The Griffin Museum in Winchester, MA, and many other venues across the United States. Her work is also in the permanent collections of both the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago. Krista is currently an adjunct professor of photography at Columbia College Chicago and Loyola University.