Chris Rain 1
Chris Rain 2
Christian Flores Michel
Works 2009-2013
Christian Flores Michel (b. 1984), best known as Chris Rain, is an artist focused in black & white film photography. He is of Spanish and American descent, raised in Rome, Italy and he spent part of his childhood in South America. Chris began making pictures and videos almost by accident in 2004, during music rehearsals and recording sessions. He states that previously he was totally uninterested in visual arts or photography and he had never allowed anybody, either friends or parents, to take pictures of him; thus, self-portraiture would have been a more comfortable solution for having a record of himself, places and significant people he might not remember in the future. These common subjects were his point of reference for a long time afterwards. Few months later he left his Bachelor of Music degree, sold his musical instruments and started printing in darkroom self-taught, showing much interest in old print techniques, multiple film exposures and chemical experiments. He specialized in making print collages, apparently due to his early difficulties in handling models together and shooting outdoors. His very first series Too Many Words, published in 2006, was entirely shot in a 2-rooms cellar starring a single model. At the same time, he started working occasionally as an assistant and then photographer in fashion and advertising industry. Once film became obsolete, he later quit these studio-jobs in favor of a freelance career.

In 2007, he started collaborating with galleries, such as former S.T. and EmmeOtto in Rome. Since 2008, he has had solo and group exhibition across Europe, mostly in Italy, Germany, Poland, UK, France and Switzerland (notable retrospective exhibition in 2012 at Théâtre du Crochetan with over 80 large format photographs displayed). His first book I am the Snow (1st edition, Postcart) was published in 2010 and includes also short stories written during teenage years. Other selected paper publications include Eyemazing, Mono, Gomma Book, Label Art, Art Press, Shots, Inside Art, Profil, Fotocult, Fotoleggendo, Fotosintesi, Young Blood, Espresso, La Stampa, Renaissance Photography etc.

His most recent exhibitions have been “Im Shatten der Daemmerung” at Galerie Hiltawsky (Berlin, DE) and “Works” at FotoArtFestival (Bielsko-Biała, PL) At present, he is living in Berlin, DE since 2013.