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Annabel Oosteweeghel
I won't say goodbye
Five years ago, I moved from Amsterdam to a small village called Noordwijk near the beach. To my surprise, I discovered after some time just behind the dunes several still authentic 1960s bungalows, two of which were uninhabited but still furnished houses. Curious as I was, I peeked through the curtains and my imagination was triggered.

It was as if time stood still. The furniture was never renewed, it was a step back in time. I won’ t say goodbye is based on a true story about a demented old lady who has been living in an old age home for four years. Her beautiful sixties style seaside bungalow, after all these years, still stands exactly just as she left it, like a museum full of memories. Back in time, we see how she, as a young widow in the late sixties stayed strong yet more and more began to live a hermit’s life.
Annabel Oosteweeghel is a Dutch photographer based in the Netherlands. Besides her commercial work, she worked for an abundance of magazines, newspapers and advertising agencies, while also focusing on her own projects.

In 2015 her first photobook Oblivious was published by Lecturis, which received exposure all around the world.

Her images are like stills from a movie. ‘I photograph so we can look at our past. But how reliable is our memory? In fact, what I photograph is a memory, not the past. Images open doors for our memory more than for our brains and languages. They cry deeper emotions. Annabel tries to re-introduce the beauty of the secret of the mystery.

She loves to make staged photography, storytelling projects with cinematic pictures which are inspired by the society around her.

Her work is exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad, and featured in many publications, magazines and newspapers.