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Theater of Life
Statement: Theater of life is a very personal project about life - how I perceive of it. It is an exploration of surrealism in everyday life. Theatre of life is an essay that is a combination of my experiences and thoughts about what surrounds me In Ancient Greece people were believed to be only actors, playing roles written by powerful gods. Nowadays, mass media took the place of gods. As a result of fast changing technological development that are shaping our lives and the invading presence of the mass media, many people seem to feel disconnected from the world. Some seek refuge and create alternative realities for themselves. Some merely look for a temporary escape, by letting off steam. Some dress in costumes, play role games or pretend to be heroes from movies, games or Japanese anime. We all find our ways to cope somehow. This phenomenon can most notably be seen in most highly developed countries, the place, where people rely more and more on technology in everyday life, where the mass media have had the greatest impact on people. These off moments are what interest me in street photography.
Born 1985 in Szczecin, Poland. An independent photographer, a graduate of the West Pomeranian University of Technology, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology. Winner of photography contests in Poland and abroad (e.g. World Press Photo, POY, CHIPP, Sony World Photography Award, the International Photography Award, BZWBK Press Photo, Grand Press Photo, Lumix Festival for Young Journalism or Grand Prix at Łódź Photo Festival). His work was published in newspapers and magazines like: New York Times, Newswek International, Sunday Times Magazine, New Yorker, Los Angeles Times or New York Magazine. He is a coffee-lover and a good music enthusiast. He derives pleasure from spending time with other people and devotes most of his time to photography. Recently, he is constantly on the move.