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Tayfun Öztürk
Paranoid Forms
Statement: The concealment of daily and mundane objects under the pretexts of protection, safekeeping and such, engenders a new mode of representation that consists of the mystery of the visible. This new presentation is more riveting, indistinct and enticing. These concealed objects, appearing out nowhere in nature or in our daily life, in an unexpected time and place come across as meticulously crafted or downright mundane so as to chase of a threat. The individual in the grips of fragility, protection or anxiety for one's possession enjoys watching the monuments of this selfish silence. Urging a desire to touch or explore in the viewer, these objects transform into surreal forms in our daily lives. This situation, almost causing the reality to be taken from the viewer to be concealed, distances the viewer from the outer world. The viewer then watches what these objects are or what they turn into in curiosity, surprise and puzzlement. In the work, Paranoid Forms, this point is the path leading to the understanding of the essence of reality while shedding deceptive sentiments.
Born in Tokat, Tayfun Öztürk began his relationship with the art of photography during his stay in İzmir between 2001-2008, while he was studying at the medical school. Inclined towards documentary and street photography, Öztürk produced solo exhibitions Written on Cloth, based on the art of calligraphy in Tokat and Face of the Street, in the field of street photography. Over the recent years, Öztürk has been working within the field of mobile photography and his work "Mobile Melody of the Street" was published in two foreign magazines. The artist also contributed in the Everyday Turkey" project during Fotoİstanbul photography festival in 2015. Öztürk still serves as emergency medical specialist in İzmir and pursues his photographic work in various ongoing series.