Tamas-Hadju 1
Tamas-Hadju 2
Tamás Hajdu
Eastern Mirror
Statement: The paint is falling off the walls; the old epochal cars are disassembled, and disoriented dogs are walking like ghosts through the dirty snow. But let’s not envisage that everything is part of a decaying surreal painting... There is always somebody who can repaint a chipped wall, and through practical miracles ruined cars can be transformed into brand new ones. In short, total makeovers are still possible with a little bit of imagination. I depict the everyday life in my Eastern European neighborhood: bits and pieces of a decomposing existence with its highs and lows. Photographs revealing the place’s dual nature—the laissez-faire attitude complemented by a strong willingness to change its fate. Most of all, “Eastern Mirror” represents my best photos made during the past year.
Tamás Attila HAJDU was born in Simleu Silvaniei (Szilágysomlyó), Transylvania in 1976. He is a Hungarian veterinarian and photographer based in Baia Mare (Nagybánya), Romania. Tamás’ work was exhibited at multiple exhibitions including Photoville presented by Feature Shoot, in Spotlight Romania Show at GEMAK in The Hague and he won various photography contests such as Sony World Photography Awards 2013 or LensCulture Exposure Awards 2015. His work has been featured in a number of photography magazines and publications including Punctum, Practical Photography, Vice, Lenscratch, Feature Shoot, The Independent, La Repubblica and The Guardian.