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Sinan Tuncay
Public Intimacy
Statement: Public Intimacy is a series of five photographical tableau that pursues ceremoni-al order of a traditional Turkish wedding. Images of hierarchical settings depict gender discourse in the Turkish cultural landscape, that is overtly ruled and fan-tasized by tradition and belief systems. Recalling the spectacle aesthetics of manuscript illustration, that is commonly known as Miniature Painting, this work replaces imperial authority with patriarchal society and applies meticulous de-piction quality in elaborately collaged photographic imagery, to generate a con-temporary approach to the major medium of Ottoman pictorial art. As each pho-tograph represents an ultimate composite of both taken and found images, all figures are slight variations of two figures; one male, one female, whose faces are shot separately and juxtaposed digitally on various postures, to embody eclectic stereotypes. The series opens with Bridal Bath scene, a tradition in which bride is bathed in front of her in-laws and ends up with Wedding Night, that culturally functions as a ritual of losing virginity. The overall sexual aggression is exposed on the central scene, an explicit carouse, titled Illegitimate, that is surrounded and contradicted by Votive of bride and Prayer of groom. Juxtaposing private and public, this project seeks to explore paradoxical codes of social affirmation, that is evolved around fantasized female virginity and heteronormative image of male.
Sinan Tuncay is a New York-based artist who makes both still and moving images. Born in 1986 in Istanbul, he received his BA from Sabanci University in Visual Communication Design (2010) and his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in Photography, Video and Related Media (2013). His first music video project that he designed and directed for the notable Turkish singer Sezen Aksu’s song, titled ‘Vay’, has been nationally awarded as the Best Music Video of 2012, by both 18th Turkey Music and 39th Golden Butterfly Awards. His work has been exhibited internationally, most prominently at the Close Quarters show at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and Governors Island Art Fair in New York. Most recently, he was selected as one of the 50 artists to participate ‘reGeneration3 : New Perspectives on Photography’ exhibition and publication project that was held by Musée de l’Elysée in Switzerland, in 2015. Sinan is represented by C.A.M. Gallery in Turkey.