Seung-Hoon-Park 1
Seung-Hoon-Park 2
Seung-Hoon Park
Statement: ‘Textus’ means woven fabrics and the derivation of ‘text’. ‘Textus’ is composed of woven length and breadth film strips. This is still an ongoing project in which I’m trying to show that the object we see is very complex with many different meanings to each of us. “Textus”, 16mm movie films were attached to the film holder to take the photos by 8inch x10inch large format camera and the final image is made through additional touch both by hand and digital.
Seung-Hoon Park is a Korean Photographer. Born in Suwon, Korea in 1978. He graduated from Han-Yang University and studied photography at the Chung-Ang graduate school. He had 15 solo-exhibitions in various cities in the world, including Seoul, Tokyo, Santa Monica, LA, Paris, Singapore, and Macau and participated over 100 group exhibitions since 2009.