Barbaros-Kayan 1
Barbaros-Kayan 2
Barbaros Kayan
Moving Portraits
Statement: Hundreds of thousands of people have left their homes in Kobane because of the war, escaping to Turkey and settling in refugee camps. What waits for them back home after the war? In this series, which has two layers, my first visit was to the camps and second was to their original neighbourhoods and homes. In the photographs I excised the refugees in the pictures of the camps and replaced the forms of their bodies with the landscapes of the city they will return to their cities.
Barbaros Kayan is a graduate in Visual Communication Design with honors from Istanbul Bilgi University in Istanbul (2004). Kayan is a documentary photographer and a multimedia artist. He focuses on social events, state politics, being in motion and streets in his works. He uses reality as a means. With his preferences about colour, saturation and moments; he aims to hint the author’s existence. Kayan is co-founder and editor of the MOKU photographers collective.His images can be found in Time, Le Monde, Le Figaro, The Guardian, Istanbul Modern Art Museum, Courrier International, Vice.! Kayan has been continuing his works with non-profit organizations in countries since 2012. He lives in Istanbul.